Aleksandr Ostrovskiy
An entertainer in the original genre
Member of the show "Ukraine got talents", "Minute of Fame", "Anshlag"


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You want to order an entertainer in the original genre with a performance that will please absolutely everyone, but you find it impossible? I can assure you that it’s possible! Specially for such demanding viewers I have a pretty difficult and exciting act in my repertory which is entitled Screen.

An important feature of the act is limited space. In fact, all the stage consists of only a screen which is up to my waist. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that behind the screen there is the very same floor that used to be there before I set the screen.

The variety of the imaginary surface behind the screen makes everyone astonished! I’m going up and down invisible stairs, using an imaginary moving steps and even a treadmill that doesn’t exist! It’s a very acrobatical act!

Moreover, I can go up and down an invisible rope that was made to work by an imaginary mechanism. Even an axial rotation (the axis seems to come through my waist parallel to the floor) is not incredible for me and you can even think that it’s a usual thing.

An entertainer comes to a celebration to surprise and give a good mood to the audience. A professional in the original genre knows it for sure. Order the magical Screen for a wedding, corporate or birthday party and I can guarantee that it will not be so easy to distract yourselves from the stage during the 5-minute performance!