Aleksandr Ostrovskiy
An entertainer in the original genre
Member of the show "Ukraine got talents", "Minute of Fame", "Anshlag"


To watch the video

The original act “Matrix” will be liked by spectators of any age.

Neo from “Matrix” cannot be confused with anyone and his clothes, movements and music cannot be mixed with any other. The “Matrix” act will show up and make an impression at any holiday, for example at a child’s birthday, boss’s anniversary or wedding. You will remember it for a long time. Spectators will freeze and watch Neo showing different unexpected “Matrix” actions using pantomime, plastic arts and acrobatics. Disappearing behind a folding-screen the original performer starts showing supposedly being turned and twisted, drifted and overturned. This is a very original idea for an act. Even those have seen a lot at weddings, birthdays and anniversaries will be under a strong impression after watching such an original show act.

Order ‘Matrix” and Neo for your holiday.