Aleksandr Ostrovskiy
An entertainer in the original genre
Member of the show "Ukraine got talents", "Minute of Fame", "Anshlag"


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To be original in every performance is the major task of the entertainer of the original puppet genre. Guests at a wedding or at a birthday party, at corporate parties or children’s festivities should have no idea what this showman is going to do. The stage man’s artistry (for instance, with puppets) must be natural, alive, interesting and unpredictable every next moment, so that nobody could predict, calculate and foresee anything, even the most experienced puppet master in show business or viewers of entertaining shows.

In this original puppet act the performer appears in quite ordinary clothes. The only peculiarity is his trousers which look like bell bottoms. It may be hardly noticed, however the main surprise is hidden there. These are two puppets. Puppet shows are popular both with children and with adults. Children are amazed and amused when they see how real life stories are performed by inanimate personages made from fabric. Adults in their turn go back to childhood, become children and laugh at puppets as if they were children indeed. The entire puppet show is performed by a single entertainer of the original puppet genre during 10 minutes. Audience understand everything, who these puppets are and what’s going on between them. However, at the same time everyone has no idea who could think it all up and what puppets will do next. Though when you watch the performance, it seems to be rather obvious, natural and simple to create such a show. Prepare to be amazed, laugh and admire the show!

Please, order the “Foot Puppet Show” as a part of children’s and adult birthdays, corporate parties and entertaining shows.

The duration of the act is 10 minutes.