Aleksandr Ostrovskiy
An entertainer in the original genre
Member of the show "Ukraine got talents", "Minute of Fame", "Anshlag"


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You’ve never seen such an original genre! One of my most beautiful acts, an inimitable combination of acting skills and a picturesque costume! So, Birds!

A bush of palm thicket appears on the stage. Three colourful bright birds are flying out of the bush one by one. They are flitting, flapping and singing. Suddenly, the harmony disappears as two young birds appear with rap music. They start imposing their opinion, taste and style, they are pushing boldly. But the three cheerful birds are not the ones to give in to the provocation. They manage to find a common language with the bullies and cut them down.

At the end of the act all the birds are flying over the bush singing “We will, we will rock you!”

This act is very popular mostly at children celebrations and birthday parties but it also suits adult celebrations.

A puppet-show costume that consists of a palm thicket and five birds is used in the act. And all the characters are directed by only one person!

The duration of the act is 6 minutes.