Aleksandr Ostrovskiy
An entertainer in the original genre
Member of the show "Ukraine got talents", "Minute of Fame", "Anshlag"


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Because of some historical irony, Ukrainians are associated with bacon. However, Ukrainians are very friendly and seldom take offence, therefore they treat this artificial association with humour and even support it. Being a Ukrainian and an entertainer in the original genre, I’ve decided to support this tendency in my shows.

So, I’ve created a vivid performance in the Ukrainian style and simply called it ‘Bacon’.

This performance perfectly combines great actor’s skills, a bright costume and Ukrainian national atmosphere. You can’t help looking at the actor during the whole 5 minutes of the performance. Any audience irrespective of its age will estimate the original reflection of a Ukrainian soul on the stage.

The performance itself is literally a dance of a Ukrainian man with a huge piece of bacon. The Ukrainian man tries hard to show and sincerely express all his love to this Ukrainian product, he hugs it each second and shows that it’s impossible to be apart from it.